progress on course project

Week 5: A progress report for your course project paper is due this week. This progress report should incorporate the following guidelines:

  • Include an APA-formatted title page with your working title.
  • Include a reference page with at least five scholarly sources, cited in APA format. Scholarly sources include your textbook and books and articles obtained through the DeVry library. Credible articles from news, government (.gov), or academic (.edu) websites can also be used; acceptable examples include NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Business Week.
  • In your report, discuss your progress on the project thus far, explaining what research you have conducted, the methods you have used, what remains to be done, and how you plan to organize and analyze your data. Also, discuss which concepts from the course material you plan to use in your analysis. Your report should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, in APA format.

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