2 part anthropology discussion board 7

This week we are discussing sex and gender. In an earlier chapter we discussed the sexual division of labor – men’s work vs. women’s work. There were 3 theories why men and women do specific types of labor – 1) men are bigger, stronger and faster 2) women have to take care of children/breast feeding, nurturing, etc. and 3) men are more expendable because it takes 1 man with viable sperm to get many women pregnant so women are not put in positions where they are in danger because only women can have children. Ferraro subscribes to the 3rd theory. How does this theory – men are more expendable, relate to men’s work equating to productive labor and women’s work equating to reproductive labor? How does this impact women’s wages in societies where productive labor is more valued? What are the ramifications? (think about the feminization of poverty, gender disparity, gender stratification, universal male dominance, apartheid of gender/sex, female infanticide, FGM, etc.)

2 to 3 paragraphs response.

No plagiarism.

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