short sentences about being disrespected for english second language class

make up a story describing a time when you felt disrespected—present the experience as if it is a scene from a novel! Describe the setting of where the event took place. Explain who was there. Show what they did, and what they said. Explain how you felt.

identify what you believe caused you to feel disrespected in this instance, and why that fits to describe your experience. (Was it that you were stereotyped? Was it a microaggression? Was it an example of ethnocentrism? These are just a few examples, please see chapter 5 for more ideas.)

Describe the experience a second time, but this time revise what people said and did in a way that would have left you feeling fully respected. In this version, have everyone speak and behave in ways that would have changed the outcomes and experiences for the better, leaving your feeling fully respected.

What is one thing that this activity has helped you to learn?

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