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Write an essay about one piece of STAGE classical music (Ballets, Operas, or Musicals only) of at least 500 words of content (headings do not count). Your chosen piece should be longer than 15 minutes. The essay should have a brief biography of the composer and an extensive feature about the composition. Use what we’ve learned in class to help your essay: melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, etc. Also tell me how the music makes you feel. Music is usually about emotions and I want to know how it personally affects you. Essays with longer sections about the composer than the composition will suffer in grade. Wikipedia is not allowed. Use the textbook or any other reliable source such as books, ebooks, podcasts, and I will allow youtube lectures but it must be cited in the paper so that I can make sure you did not write it word for word.

Please use correct grammar and essay structure. Introduction, content, conclusion, and a reference page. And don’t call a piece a “song,” say piece, composition, or call it by its name (symphony, ballet, opera, etc.)

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