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Unit I BIO 1302 Discussion Board

PART 2: Think about the ecological biome that you currently live in or grew up in and share your thoughts with the class. How would you classify your biome – temperate forest, temperate grassland, etc.? What are the dominant types of vegetation and animal species that live there? How have human activities changed your biome over time?

For inspiration, see the Unit I lesson and the BiomeViewer from HHMI Biointeractive. Click on the link in the BiomeViewer to learn more about various biomes. Once on the website, click the Launch interactive button and a new screen will appear with a base map of the Earth’s biomes. A color-coded key to the biomes is on the left size of the screen. Click a place on the map or enter a place name or latitude and longitude coordinates in the dialogue box on the right side of the screen to learn more about a specific biome, especially your own. Very cool!

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Please note: APA format and references are not required for discussions. This is a college-level course and I expect that all discussion board posts and replies are written in complete sentences using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Please refrain from submitting “I agree” replies that essentially restate another student’s post. Substantive points will be deducted for restated replies. Please see the attached grading rubric for information on how discussion board posts and replies are assessed:

Unit I BBA 2026 Discussion board

The purpose of this discussion board is to encourage reading, writing, and interaction with your fellow students. The classroom can be a place where students come together to read content-related items and to discuss what the readings mean. Therefore, you should think of these discussion boards as a place for that interaction.

Below is a question to get you started. The idea is that you will find new ways to respond and react to the reading assignments.

Andrew Fastow, the former chief financial officer (CFO) of Enron who was convicted of wire and securities fraud, explains that the culture of an organization starts with the behavior of the top executives. Employees do not follow empty rhetoric though: Employees imitate the behavior and decision-making processes of top management (Useem, 2016). Based on what you have learned in this unit, do you believe this is an accurate statement? How big of an effect can empty rhetoric have on organizational behavior?


Response to classmate this is what they wrote:

I absolutely believe that this poor behavior of a leadership role can affect the company throughout. If a manager of a facility leads with a poor attitude of accomplishment, it definitely trickles down the line, to supervision and floor employees. I have seen this many times in my current employment. If the manager works alongside and promotes a more positive attitude and outlook to the supervisors and the employees then things seem to run smoother. If you have a leader that is a “bad egg” he/she can spoil the whole group’s behavior. If a supervisor can give positive feedback along with constructive criticism then he can keep his morale high, but if he continuously bashes an employee for doing poorly then he will break that employee’s spirit of motivation and he will be less likely to be motivated. Now imagine this with 150 employees, this leader just destroyed his whole team and their morale. Once moral is lost, it can take a long time to return.

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