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By performing this activity, the student will further develop their ability to…

  • Understand the structures and function of the muscular, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory system and how these systems relate to exercise.
  • Understand the various adaptations of the body to anaerobic and aerobic training programs as well as the psychology of athletic preparation and performance.
  • Demonstrate competency in selection of tests, administration, scoring, and interpretation of test results.
  • Demonstrate proper execution of warm up stretches as well as proper spotting/safety techniques.
  • Design proper anaerobic and aerobic exercise prescriptions for individuals and learn to apply exercise prescription principles.
  • Understand the importance of facility organization, risk management, and a policies and procedures manual.
    • Identify an athlete you’d like to train.
    • Develop the case in a way that is representative of a larger group.
    • Design a periodization program for the athlete that spans multiple phases. This should be displayed in at least the following ways:
      • a 6 month chart, or long enough to span multiple phases, that describes progression, expected changes, timely measures and standards, and any transitional phases;
      • a weekly chart that describes influential personal, social, and environmental factors such as work, meals, sleep, and social events; and
      • a single routine chart for all routines used that describes the exercise selection, sequence, intensity, volume, and technical aspects (i.e. tempo or areas of focus).
    • Justify your decisions made by referencing your textbook and at least 2 other official sources (other texts or peer-reviewed papers), at least 2 personal experiences, and 2 stakeholder perspectives (coach and athlete perspectives are likely best).
    • Develop visual aids that explain otherwise complex aspects of the graded elements. This is intended to be included in your presentation or handout.
    • Provide a verbal presentation that demonstrates observable mastery over the learning goals, personally interesting skills or abilities, and expert ability to program exercise for your athlete. Be sure to include all of the appropriate graded elements (below).


Pro-Tip: Find exemplar programs and diagrams from any sources you wish that you feel completes aspects of this project. Show these to your professor to make sure you know what is expected of you. These can act as guides and/or rationale at complex decision points and should be included in the appendix of your program.

Pro-Tip: Develop your project while consulting people within your target population and professionals who may have unique insights.


Provide each of the following as tangible examples of your ability to master the learning objectives:

  • Handouts
  • A 10-page document (plus appendix) outlining the program.
  • A 20-minute presentation.
  • A 1-page reflection report pre- and post-presentation.


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