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Reading: Never Let Me Go, chapters 7-12 by Kazuo Ishiguro Note: I do not have the book

1-Respond answers to at least 2 questions there below in at least 150 words. It’s helpful if you can point out & cite a passage in support of your point

2-Respond to one of your classmate’s posts with at least 100 words. Do not waste your space critiquing writing or applauding,i.e. “I like what you said,” “great point” etc. Your goal is to extend the ideas they have expressed in some meaningful way—apply them to a different group or situation, add a new argument or examples to their point or examples, or to present a different viewpoint and reasoning

For question number 1:

1- On p 82-3, Tommy expresses a theory of how & why certain information is conveyed to the students. Does this seem plausible? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

2- What do you make of the moment when Kathy discovers Miss Lucy crossing out her writing? What is the significance of it being Miss Lucy? (What else do we know about her?)

3- What do you suppose might be the significance of donors completing? Kathy mentions this on p 101

4- At the Cottages, Kathy observes that veteran couples behave like TV couples. Why do you suppose this might be?

5- Why do you suppose that the characters have only last initials, not names?

6- The students’ ignorance of life in “real families” comes up on p. 124. What incidences earlier in the novel show this and/or their attempts to create familial relationships.

7-What does Kathy’s comment about adjusting to their new lives near the bottom of p. 131 say about her?

8- Why do you suppose the veterans don’t mention others of have left the Cottages

9- In Chapter 12, the idea of a “possible” surfaces. Explore its meaning. For examples, what does it say of family, parents, &/or their future?

10- The facts pertaining to the characters’ “specialness” is revealed to readers as it is revealed to the characters. Why has Ishiguro made this choice? How does it affect your experience of the novel? How might it have changed the novel if we had advance knowledge?

For question number 2:

I will send you some of my classmate’s posts ..

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