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Select a “Scholarly & Peer-Review”, describe how the selected article outlines/describes each part of the cycle, focusing on the research methodology. If it is lacking in a part of the cycle, tell what is missing and what could be done to fill the gap. Your post should be approximately 500 words.


1. The researcher begins with a problem – an unanswered question – related to a topic of interest and concern

2. The researcher clearly and specifically articulates the goal of the research endeavor

3. The researcher often divides the principal problem into more manageable subproblems

4. The researcher identifies assumptions – and possibly also specific hypotheses – that underlie the research effort.

5. The researcher develops a specific plan for addressing the problem and its subproblem.

6. The researcher collects, organizes and analyzes data related to the problem and its subproblem

7. The researcher interprets the meaning of the data as they relate to the problem and its subproblems.

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