why you are passionate about this field

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Provide a 1000 word report. The topic is something about engineering you are passionate (that is, you care deeply). Use the writing guidelines from the lecture.

We don’t care about why the world of engineering is interesting to some people, we want why you chose engineering: Why do you put up with a long and difficult program? What about engineering makes it worth it to you? Why do you see this as something you want to spend the rest of your life doing and learning about?

Share your passion, so that we see why this *thing* is so interesting to you.

The writing should be simple and straightforward. Do not try to impress us with your vocabulary or grasp of complicated and advanced grammar. Try to use words of no more than two syllables. Use simple declarative sentences as much as possible. Because you are writing about you, use first person when you are talking about you.

At least 10% of the total grade for this assignment is based on how well you write, measured by following the writing guidelines as well as basic grammar, word choice, and punctuation. Yes, we know it’s difficult to write about things that happened in the past using the present tense, but we want you to do it anyway for the practice.

Note: If you are retaking this class (even if you were wait listed and never made it into the class), we expect all new work from you. Do not reuse a past assignment – that’s called CHEATING.

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