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MLA format

For this exercise, you are assigned a concept from Michel Chion’s book Audio-Vision.

You will read the two chapters listed below and create a definition for the concept. You will then

find an example from film or TV of the concept being used.

You’ll then do an analysis of the scene, citing very specific examples from the sound to

show how the concept is being utilized. You should be using Chion’s language in your analysis.

Your essay should be proposing an argument for what the scene means due to the specific use

of sound. Think back to our analysis of the scene from Jaws. We went through it citing specific

aspects of cinematography and mise-en-scène, and we came to some conclusions about how

these tools are used to create meaning in the scene. You’ll do the same thing, but you’ll use

the concepts from Chion’s writing.

You’ll submit a 2-2.5 page (double-spaced) essay to me as a .PDF.

If you have a link to an online version of the scene, you can include it at the top of your

essay. However, you can also provide me with the time index numbers for the scene, and I’ll

find it and watch it.

Chion, Audio-Vision Chap. 4 and 5…

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