marketing 114

Question 1:

What is organizational behavior? Can you give an example of how behavior is impacted at work?

Write at least 400 words and at least have on citation

Question 2:

Read following materials

Read the TIME magazine Article: Hold Yourself Accountable, You’ll Be Happier

Review Week 2 Introduction: What are Traits, Motives, and Cognitive Factors

After reading and reflecting upon the material in Chapter 2, how would you answer the following question: “Are leaders born or are they made”? around 200 to 300 words.

Question 3: read the attachment and there are three short articles. Write a paragraph for each article with an outside citation. Each answer around 150 to 190 words.

Question 4: read and watch the Honey Maid Love Commercial and watch Honey Maid: This is Wholesome.

As you learned earlier in the term with the United Breaks Guitars case study, YouTube can be a powerful platform for consumers and brands to have a conversation and sometimes the conversation is not so pleasant. Watch the video from Honey Maid, a classic American brand, and think about the TV commercial, and the message they were trying to convey. Then read the article about the response to this TV commercial and provide your insight, in a well-thought 200-300word blog entry. Your focus should reflect on the Rules of Engagement we have covered and how to handle customer issues in an appropriate way. Also, are there any comparisons or contrasts you can make between United Airlines and Honey Maid and how video marketing (whether created by an angry customer, or by the company) engaged customers positively or negatively?

Question 5: Answer the following questions:

  • Pinterest is unique in its user base and content. Make a list of brands (10 total) that would work well on the microblog and a list of brands (10 total) for which Pinterest is not a good fit. Explain your answers.
  • Viral videos are becoming a norm for social media engagement for brands, organizations, non-profits and even in higher education marketing. Do some research and find one article that explains why some videos go viral, and the keys to success.

Around 2 pages.

Question 6:

Create a thread with a discussion prompt that leads to the analysis of the stakeholder model of corporate social responsibility (CSR). At least 200 words, no more than 400 words. At least one outside resource. The attachment is also the example for question 6.

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