solar power ethics outline

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The purpose of a proposal is to create a trajectory for your Course Project and develop foundational ideas to help your team move forward. You will begin by answering a few key framing questions and will then complete your Developed Outline. Each team member must complete his or her own part of the outline and contribute to the framing of the outline with the introduction and conclusion sections.

Your Developed Outline will be presented as a sentence outline. As the name suggests, the sentence outline presents complete thoughts in complete sentences as opposed to phrases. In each section of the outline, highlight ideas that help support the team thesis and provide a clear idea of the contents of each subsection. Use your research and discussions with your team to help develop your section of the outline. Collaborate to help finalize the introduction and conclusion sections as a team.

Use a complete sentence to provide the response to each of the questions presented in the Developed Outline Template. Use APA documentation for the final section of the outline to document any sources referenced in your proposal. Remember to put at least two items at any given level of the outline, as shown in this template. 

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