movie spartacus 1960

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MLA format

Must describe the plot in the movie, do n’t just do research

Write a response to the following question in 250 words or fewer. Include a total word count at the bottom of the page(s) you upload.

Describe the development of the Spartacus story, from the Roman version, as we encounter it in Plutarch, to the version in Kubrick’s film from 1960. In addition to touching on the Roman and the Kubrick Spartacus, the beginning and end points, you must discuss three of the following five intermediate versions: the French Spartacus, Bird’s play of 1831, Giovagnoli’s novel of 1874, the Vidali film of 1913, Fast’s novel of 1951. Rereading parts (if not all) of Wyke’s chapter will probably be helpful to you.

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