draft research proposal 5


The introduction is an overview and history of the problem. Also included should be potential problems it will cause your target research population. Citations within the introduction shall be properly identified and link to your literature review in the Appendix.

The Research Problem

The research problem is a concise description of the specific problem on which you will base your research study. The research problem will relate specifically to your target population.

Study Objectives

You should identify what the objective of your study is and include at least two sub objectives

Study Design and Setting

The study design and setting will identify specifically how you will select and evaluate the research current situations and or knowledge of your target population with regard to your objectives. Also included shall be the total population you will study and your “n” the number of people in your population you will survey.

You may craft your research project as quantitative, qualitative or mixed method. Quantitative research is the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques. Qualitative Research is primarily exploratory research. It is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, behaviors, and motivations. It provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas that can be complemented with quantitative research. Some research projects utilize a combination of both, quantitative and qualitative or Mixed research methodologies.

Data Collection Tool

You should identify the kind of data collection tool you will use for your research and how your tool will be designed. You should use primarily use a survey as your tool and include the variables you will evaluate including dependent and independent variables. It is also recommended that for the purposes of your proposal you build a survey instrument and TEST it but remember that all of the implementation for your research will be collected and analyzed in BAS 491. In the Appendix you shall include an exhibit of your complete data collection tool.

Data Analysis and Usage

This section will describe how you will analyze the results of your completed survey and the kinds of analysis you will use. For BAS 490 you should limit your data analysis to measures of central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode and possibly Standard Deviation).Examples of graphs and charts can be included in your Appendix.

Results and outcomes

A paragraph or two about what your survey results found

Participant’s Protection

You shall identify how your surveyed population will be protected and how you will properly inform them of the study, the risks, confidentiality and their options to opt out of the study should they so decide.

A copy of your competed Informed Consent Form (with dates and signature lines) shall be included in the Appendix.

Ethical Issues

State clearly potential ethical issues here should any be identified.

Problems and Limitations

Problems and limitations will include potential issues that arose during the conduction of your study. Use the Kumar text to review potential issues.


This section will include how you will use the results of your study. This can include development and use of a training program, writing up or publishing or presenting to your target population an educational program or even working with Mason Student Media services to inform and affect the problems you identified in your introduction and problem statement/objectives. This is the Action part of your Action research.

Appendix 1: Informed Consent Form

You informed consent form will be displayed here.

Appendix 2: Data Collection Survey

Your Data collection survey will be displayed here

Appendix 3:


The references you cite in your proposal will be listed here. All citations shall be linked here. I want a minimum of 5 references (10 will make me very happy). Make sure the references are linked to the appropriate part of the body of your paper using the proper APA citation format.

Helpful reading/references

If you want to used other helpful references you can submit them in an additional section.

Appendix 4: Graphs, charts, and raw data

Examples of raw data, and possible graphic representations of results can be inserted here.

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