the dark side of the internet

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The 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon, 2016) shows that more than 4.2 billion personal records were exposed in 2016. This constitutes an all-time high. The three biggest data breaches took place on Yahoo, MySpace, and FriendFinder networks with a total of 2.2 billion records exposed. With more than 1 billion compromised records, Yahoo currently holds the number-one spot in the history of data breaches. In September 2016, Yahoo announced that a “state-sponsored actor” stole the personal data of 500 million users in late 2014. Three months later, Yahoo announced another data breach of about 1 billion accounts dating back to August 2013. Yahoo has notified its users and urged them to create a new password and change security questions. The stolen data include names, account login credentials, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, and other information users entered into their accounts (Larson, 2017).

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Include the following:

  • Briefly explain how the development of the internet could have contributed to attacks against companies such as Yahoo.
  • Describe how this case represents differences in the sort of crime being committed online today, versus cybercrimes in the earlier days of the internet.
  • Explain what criminals do with the sort of private information obtained from Yahoo and other companies.
  • Identify some of the cybersecurity challenges companies such as Yahoo would face today trying to prevent these sorts of attacks.
  • Justify whether you think companies like Yahoo, which store personal data, must be held accountable if victims experience negative consequences such as identity theft. If so, how should they be held accountable?
  • Describe the negative consequences you think the CEO of Yahoo might have expected in the aftermath of the data breach. What actually happened?
  • Research Yahoo after the announcement of the data breach. What were the actual negative effects on the company?

Cite references according to APA guidelines.

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