week 3 business plan

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Assignment Content

  1. Prepare an analysis of the assigned company (600 – 2,000 words) in order to secure a loan for the company. The loan will increase the company’s total liabilities by 3%. The assigned company is posted to the conversation section in the upper right corner. The contents of the plan should include the following:

    1. Write a synopsis of the company.2. Discuss the loan amount and how you plan to use the loan proceeds.3. Use the Excel Spreadsheet provided and complete the following.

    • Prepare a four year vertical analysis of the company’s income statement.
    • Prepare a projected income statement for 2020 assuming sales increase by 6%.
    • Compute the ratios listed with the income statement.
    • Compute the ratios listed with the balance sheet.
    • Using the results of your spreadsheet, what questions would you ask the CFO of the company? Explain.

    The assigned company, spreadsheet, detailed instructions, and guidance are provided during week three. To review this information select the conversation icon in the upper right corner.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Deliverables:
    Paper (MS Word) and Excel Spreadsheet. Review your Originality Report generated from SafeAssign. A new originality report is created with each attempt. Your last attempt is used for grading.

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