analysis of the case study bank

Use the amended cover sheet provided in the files.

Copy and paste the format to your existing cover sheet. After completion of the calculations,

determine if you believe the bank is in compliance.

Calculations Required (see PowerPoint “Global Banking Regulations and Standards”):

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) (slide 12).

Minimum Leverage Ratio (slide 13).

Liquidity Coverage Ratio (slide 14).

Net Stable Funding Ratio (slide 14).…

using 2019 year

The file name “Modified Arow financials with LCR and NSFR” is an example of what should be done with assigned bank ( SYNOVUS FINANCIAL CORP), but detailed guidelines for calculations provided in the files Summary of Basel NSFR standards and Summary of Basel LCR Standards

The cover page should have a formula for every calculated number

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