2 way anova with minitab

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  • Using the data in the ‘Part 1’ sheet, select two variables and conduct a two-way ANOVA. Justify your selection and discuss how this model could be used to identify sources of low production rate. Then, identify a third variable that you believe should be treated as a nuisance variable and create a blocked ANOVA to control for the effect of this variable.
  • The data in the ‘Part 2’ sheet has been limited to four observations per treatment combination. Using this data, create a 2k factorial model by restructuring the Supplier factor as two, two-level factors and treating Line as a four- level block. Use Minitab to generate a 25-2 model with one block and extract the relevant data from the provided dataset to complete the analysis. Discuss the validity and fit of the model and interpret the results including addressing aliased relationships.
  • Identify the treatment combinations that would be needed to complete the full fold-over for this design and briefly discuss how the fold-over model would help to interpret the results from Part 2. Complete the full fold-over, discuss the validity and fit of the model, and interpret the results.

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