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The intelligence cycle is a massive, ever flowing, system of collection, examination, production, and most importantly the distribution of intelligence (UMGC, 2020). The Intelligence Community itself is created of seventeen agencies and organizations that all have a major part in this very matrix. With countless personnel and agencies working for their own precise mission in such intelligence production and distribution, they all serve for a greater purpose and collective reason; to get the most advanced and relevant intelligence to the end user. With the National Intelligence Coordination Center acting as the power house, the cycle of intelligence is endless (UMGC, 2020).

Consumption and feedback are amongst the most vital factors in the overall process because these very principles is what ensures and leads to the most advanced and important intelligence product. As consumption from the end user leads to necessary feedback from the end user to the intelligence matrix the Director of National Intelligence can ensure all levels are providing and executing the most viable intelligence gathering and sharing. Feedback is the factor that allows the understanding of what kind of intelligence product is being given, at all levels, continuously.

The office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is structured in a very complex, but necessary, manner. With the DNI office essentially serving as the trunk of the tree, branches begin to grow out in a natural way. With the three branches consisting of the National Counterterrorism Center, National Intelligence Coordination Center, and the Intelligence Community there are avenues that flow in every direction to ensure the right flow of intelligence (UMGC, 2020). I find the structure of the office of the DNI to be aligned to achieve their mission.

UMGC. (2020). The Nature and Missions of the US Intelligence Agencies and Departments. Commentary.

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