hospitality marketing online course discussion 3


Please reply to two of the questions (threads) and comment constructively on a classmate’s posting of your choice in any thread.

PART 1 – Reply to two of the questions

Question 1 – Chick-Fil-A

Answer the questions in the file attached.

Please visit: and

for a sample of TV commercials to discuss the effectiveness of the campaign.

Question 2 – Virgin Atlantic Airways

See the attached file for the award-winning Virgin Atlantic Airways advertising campaign. Comment on the campaign.

PART 2 – Comment constructively on a classmate’s posting

Here are two classmate’s posting from question 1 and 2. Please write comment for each one.

Question 1 – The Chick-Fil-A ad is making an emotional appeal to the customers. The constant presence of the animated cows in the ads are an attempt to tap into the emotions of the viewers and persuade them from eating beef and to subsequently eat chicken. The personified cows make the ads memorable and mildly comical to viewers and offer a much more pleasing concept of a cow. The ads also act as mascots for the Chick-Fil-A and appeal the emotions of children as they view the ads. The ad is structured to make to create a clear distinction from the common fast food burger joint and to offer the audience the choice to choose a chicken product over a beef burger at other competitors. The lifelike statutes of cows in food courts is effective because it offers a continuation of the ad campaign into lifelike realism. It serves a reminder to patronize Chick-Fil-A.

Question 2 – This ad created by Virgin Atlantic was not an initial product launch, but it was equivalent to one because the business class was never advertised before by the airline. This concept is rare in my opinion, many companies like to advertise new products and services right when they unveiled. They ad campaign had a very clear and specific target market, complete with a formulated economic class as well. However, as the article stated, the business class can be a bit “jaded” because many businesspeople fly many times during a course of a week and are used to enjoying business class amenities. The catchy slogan with each of the six ads reinforces the message and grabs your attention. The ad was clearly successful and Virgin Atlantic is a prime exhibit of an excellent marketing strategy and execution.

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