asepsis and infection control 3

Your paper must be at least 750 words APA format

you must use the care plan created and attached below (DON’T USE A DIFFERENT ONE!)

the paper should follow the outline (include all headers found there)


Admission Date: 07/30/2019

Insurance: Seasons Hospice

Directive: Hospice and DNR( Do not Resuscitate)

Allergies: Donepezil, Mirtazapine, Naproxen, Penicillin V potassium

Refused Vaccines: Pneumococal & Influenza

Physician Approved Side Rails

DNR order Signed By Daughter and Physician

Pured Diet

Ambulated with Assistive Devices

Sight; Impaired

Rirk Alerts: Falls and Difficulty Swallowing

Social History: Denies tobacco use or illicit drugs

Podiatrist Notes: Ingrow nail, Chronic Disease PVD. Treatment: Debridement.

Progress Note 12-23-19 ( Chronically ill, lower back pain. Decrease ROM on extremities, Constipation)

Patient always appeared anxious and depressed, she was always complaining of being uncomfortable and seem confused and week. Patient will always keep begging for help and would have to leave the room for her to be able to eat by herself bc otherwise she kept saying she was not able to eat. Patient was also very shy, did not liked being undressed in front of student.

All of the requirements are attached.

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