documentary discussion

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In this weeks documentary, we learned about the art of listening to music. I want you to choose a one of your favorite songs, share a link to the video in your post, and discuss the following points:

-What kind of instruments to you hear?

-How are the instruments playing together?

-Who is making the music? If there are a group of musicians, how are they working together? For example, it can be a recording of a live concert in simultaneous performance or are they in a studio recording separately and looped together.

-What do you know about the artists training?

-Where are they from? What is their cultural and musical tradition?

-How does this connect to or innovate the tradition they are performing?

Note: This should be roughly 200-250 words. Make sure to have your post up by end of day on Thursday of this week and to come back and comment on two other student posts by the end of day on Sunday of this week. For advice on how to respond to other students, see the syllabus. Remember, it must be something of substance, not just “Oh, I like this piece too!” Think, “I like this piece too, because…. or and…”

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