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This DQ is a bit different than previous discussions. It is worth 10 points with 10 points possible extra credit for a total of 20 points.

(a) Convert the presentation you completed during residency into a .pdf file and attach it as reply to this week’s discussion question.

(b) Earn an extra 10 points by providing a .mp4 file (either audio or video) of you presenting your work.

(c) Respond to at least to others with constructive feedback on their work.

Comments must fall into categories relative to originality of proposed solution, significance of ideas, correctness in proposed methodology, substantiation of work, or recommendations.


  • Be respectful, professional, and constructive with your comments. Cite as appropriate.
  • If someone reviews your work, your agreement or disagreement is not required and does not impact your grade since this is a peer review. Consider any additional feedback as “data”.

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