an analytical report combo assignment 3 different all 3 are connected each other all have different due date

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All 3 of this assignment are connected each other.

Assignment 5 – Choose a topic for an analytical report and write a MEMO and about 1&half page. (Sample will be Provided) Due on :- 04-20-2020

Assignment 6 –

* An about 4 pages (without cover page and references) analytical Report Draft/Rough. (2 of the Sample will be Provided if needed) Due on :- 04-24-2020

* Most likely you have to read couple others group members draft and response one page for each draft. Due on :- 04-25-2020

Assignment 7 – Final Analytica report after edited (Sample will be Provided, and if there’s something need to edit-add-or remove will be able to provide as well, once I hear from my instructor or Group member ) Due on :- 04-30-2020

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