stress power point presentation

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For the final project, you will develop a PowerPoint The presentation will consist of 11 slides.

The following is required for your slides:

Title slide



References slide

Minimum of citations from two reputable sources. You may want to consult the Information Literacy link under Writing and Research Resources below.

The questions below must be answered in each slide

1.One can experience several stressors; however, for the purposes of this plan, it is important to prioritize. Identify the single most important area or stressor in your personal life that needs attention right now and explain why you prioritized this stressor.

2.Reflect on and discuss how managing your priority issue will have an effect on other areas of your life. This gets at the relationship between stressors. You might consider making a diagram showing the relationship; capture a picture of the diagram and insert it into your presentation. Use theory and evidence to explain how addressing this issue will impact you from a holistic perspective (body, mind, emotions, and spirit).

3.How will things be different if you address this area in your life?

4.What strategies might you use to address this area? Address coping, relaxation, and lifestyle. Use theory and evidence from the literature to support your strategies, as well as what you learned from implementing these strategies during Modules 2 and 3.

5.In addition to identifying the strategies, discuss how and when they will be used with a rationale. For example, you may have found one of the relaxation techniques or lifestyle changes particularly helpful and decide how to make it part of your daily routine. Or, one of the coping strategies may only be appropriate in certain situations. Developing and including a schedule may be a way to keep you on track.

6.What are some potential blocks to success? Explain. What actions can you take to address these blocks?

7.In conclusion, discuss how incorporating the stress reduction plan will improve your resilience to stress.

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