week 10 discussion plain language

In YOUR OWN words, explain why President Obama issued a mandate requiring that government documents be written in plain language (PL).

Next, find a digital document that is NOT written in plain language. Citing the document that you found in APA style, answer these subsequent questions:

  1. What is this document’s purpose?
  2. Who wrote it?
  3. Is it normal for this person/organization to write documents using non-plain language?
  4. Why do you believe it is not written in PL?
  5. Summarize the document in 2-3 paragraphs so that it would be understandable to anyone reading it.

Respond in At least 5-10 sentences per question. Use your own personal thoughts and opinions.

After you are completed with these I would also like to respond with your feedback to 2 students’ responses. At least 3 to 6 sentences for each response to a student. Give them some of your opinions on their posts.

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