albertsons supermarket case 1 page response

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If you aren’t familiar with Albertsons Supermarkets, google or run a google image search on “Albertsons Supermarket.” Albertsons is comparable to Publix Supermarkets.

1.Chapter 17 discusses the relationship between involvement, sales/service personnel, and the likelihood of using self-service. Cashiers are essentially sales /service personnel. Describe a typical supermarket service environment (hint: describing Publix or a similar grocer is ok) in terms of customer involvement and the appropriateness of sales/service personnel vs. self-service. As a customer of supermarkets, do you prefer to interact with cashiers (sales/service personnel) or do you prefer self-service? Why?

2. Interpret the information in Case Tables A, B, and C.

(a) What are the primary needs that self-service checkouts satisfy for those customers who prefer them?

(b) What other industries present the best opportunities for the self-service checkout industry to grow outside of supermarkets? Why? (Hint: As a customer, where would you like to see more self-service checkouts or other self-service technology and why?)

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