20 page essay on ford motors in spain

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This is a RESEARCH project. That means it requires EXTENSIVE OUTSIDE RESEARCH. Please use the library databases EXTENSIVELY.  No ordinary Google searches (although scholar.google.com is allowable). 


You are assigned a company and a host country of interest. You must now engage in new product development/new market development in your given host country.


PHASE 1 (Complete by Nov 6):

1)      Look through the existing major product lines for your company.  Pick the new product and/or new market development in your given host country.

2)      Do a SWOT analysis on your company.

3)      Complete an assessment of the given host country (i)cultural, (ii)legal-political, (iii)competitive, (iv) technological  and (v)economic environments.

4)      Discuss what you believe to be the interactions/links between part 2 with part 3. Be sure to support your arguments.


PHASE 2 (Complete by presentation day) :

1)      Select Mode of Entry. Explain and support your rationale.

2)      Explain the channels of distribution in your country as they relate to your product/industry.

3)      Identify and explain specific product and promotion concerns.


4)      Identify goals and objectives of your market entry. Explain how you would measure success.

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