Marketing Management Group Project

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Building a Brand is a Crucial Exercise that often takes Years or Decades to Accomplish. The Benefit of Brand Equity is rRealized in the Bottom Line. You researched Brand Equity from a Consumer Standpoint. For this Assignment, you will Select a Big National Brand tht has Advertisements that Feature a Famous Person or Person(s). My Part of the Assignment is from Part 2. The Group has Chosen Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln..


Part 2: Application

Marketing is not all Serious Research involving Scholarly, Statistical, and Practitioner Resources; It is about Trends, Buzz, and Pop Culture of the Day. Actors, Models, Musicians, Athletes, and Reality Stars of the moment are hounded by the press, Their lives unfold in the media, and many are seen wearing, carrying, eating, or driving a Particular Brand. For this Section, you may research the following in any media outlet:


1.) What Celebrities Endorse your Brand? Why are they a Good Fit? To What Target Market do they Connect?

2.) What other Famous Characters could be Connected to your Brand?

3.) What about the Competition? What Kind of Endorsers do they use?


This must be Plagiarism Free! This Must be 2 Pages in Length. ALL Rsearch Must be Cited. In-Text Citation and Corresponding References Must be Included.


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