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Part 1:


 Read both of these are articles and answer these following questions in essay form

Intro,body,conclusion ..3 pages long double spaced 12 inch font


 1.What do you think of the way the end of life situation was handled by each of these two families?

2How would you describe the difference between these two situations?

3.What ethical dilemmas are raised by the way the families handled the patient’s care? you think the patients right’s were abused in either case?

5.Being as objective as possible, if you had the final decision in these cases ,what do you think would be the best decision and why?


Part 2

Using this article


examine history and race as it is potrayed in Wide Sargasso Sea, which is in the article.The kingdom of this world byAlejo Carpentier and The Farming bones by Edwidge Danticat.


5 full pages  double spaced..times new roman 12 inch font 1inch margins with a work cited page MLA format ….you must have at least 2 quotes from each of your texts two from article,two from wide sargasso sea,two from carpentier,two from Danticat


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