Use three of the concepts to put together Laura’s case

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After reading the below background information about Laura, please take 3 of the following concepts that were discussed in Chapter 14 and in the lectures and discuss how a therapist might use them when working specifically with Laura providing examples of what Laura might say or how her background might be discussed in a therapy session to highlight the concepts you chose.

The concepts to use are:

1)Create a hypothetical genogram

2)Explain how a multi or intergenerational family problem might be involved

3)Explore the hypothetical family structure

4)Discuss how Laura might need to learn about differentiation of self

5)Discuss hypothetical transactional rules of the family

6)Discuss how boundaries might help the family

7)Discuss how enactments might help the family

8)Descript how unbalancing or other paradoxical interventions could be used

9)Explain how to establish and the type of therapeutic relationship is needed

An example of what is required for this assignment from a different case regarding the concept of a nondirective stance is:

Fred comes into session and begins to discuss his need to control and the anger he displays when he is not in control. He begins to provide an example of an anger outburst that occurred when he was parenting his son. Midway through the example, Fred begins to feel uncomfortable with the conversation and the feelings it is eliciting. Instead of continuing on his train of thought, he goes into a tangential story about how his family had gone on a trip and how much fun his son had on the trip. Instead of pointing out the shift from the original topic or making an interpretation of why he shifted the discussion, I go with him and let him dictate where the session goes. I ask “tell me about how the trip made you feel?” and “what made you think about the trip?” From these questions, I can get a better feel for his subjective experience of this trip and how to better empathize, going where he wants the session to go.

The Case of Laura

Laura is a 27-year-old Caucasian woman. Laura’s father (Bob) is 67 years old and has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Laura also has a 56-year-old mother (Mary), who is in excellent physical health, and a 31-year-old sister (Jennifer). Laura reports her father’s health is rapidly declining. He has limited cognitive ability and memory, including loss of recall for faces and names.

Laura is seeking therapy currently because she is experiencing depression and having trouble functioning. During her intake, she also reports having a great deal of anger toward her mom and openly shares her intense feelings of loss due to her father’s declining health; she reports deeply missing the emotional bond they once shared. She also reports having a solid relationship with her sister, though she wishes they were emotionally closer. Laura is not married but expressed interest in finding a partner.

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