Very short assignment – watch 46 second video and answer the following questions?

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1. Response is correct-2 points each

2. Provides explanation/rationale for response =1.5 points

Step 1; Watch the Dawn Commercial below

Step 2: Answer the following questions :

Your answers cannot be one word answers.

1. Determine the rhetorical situation. Who is the ad made for ? who is the intended audience?

Give reasons why you believe that is the audience?

People who use dish soap is not the right answer.

2. What rhetorical appeal(ethos, pathos, logos) is predominantly used in this commercial ? Explain why you believe it is the appeal you chose?

This cannot be a one word answer.

3. What rhetorical/ writing technique is used in Dawn’s slogan “Tough on Grease yet Gentle”?

Explain how the technique is used in the commercial.

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