very simple formating changes to an excel document, assignment help

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Very simple formating changes to an excel document. instructions are:

On Your Own 16-1
1. Open the data file Portlandia
located in the Chapter 16On Your
Own folder. Save the workbook as
Portlandia Skies.
2. In the Documentation worksheet,
enter your name in cell B3 and the
date in cell B4.
3. In the Weather worksheet, based on
the data in the range A4:M8, insert
an appropriate chart (such as a
column chart, line chart, or bar
chart). Move the embedded chart to
a chart sheet named Average Days
4. Format the chart using an
appropriate chart layout and chart
5. Insert an appropriate chart title for
the chart, and then change the font
size as needed.
6. Add appropriate axis titles, and
change the font sizes as needed.
7. Position the legend appropriately,
and change its font size, border
color, fill color, and so forth as
8. Change the axis scale as needed to
eliminate blank areas of the chart.
9. Add vertical gridlines to the major
units in the chart.
10. Format the plot area to use an
attractive fill.
11. Change the data series as needed so
that each data series uses a distinct
data marker fill and line color.
12. In the Weather worksheet, edit the
text in cell A6 to Partly Cloudy.
13. In the Weather worksheet, based on
the data in the range A4:A8;N4:N8,
insert a pie chart. Reposition and
resize the chart attractively on the
Weather worksheet.
14. Format the pie chart attractively,
using the chart layout, chart style,
chart title, legend, and data labels
of your choice.
15. In the Weather worksheet, in the
cells of your choice, insert a line or
column sparkline for each of the
following data: Clear (range
B5:M5), Partly Cloudy (range
On Your Own
CMPTR2 Chapter 16: Inserting and Formatting Charts
2 On Your Own 16-1
B6:M6), Cloudy (range B7:M7),
and Rainy (range B8:M8). Format
the sparklines appropriately and
enter labels to identify each
16. In the Weather worksheet, insert
data bars in the range N5:N8.
17. Save the workbook, and then close

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