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The “IceMan”

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Please review the DSM symptoms for Antisocial Personality Disorder (listed here), watch the video, and answer the questions for Virtual Lab 4 by the end of the day (11:59PM) Friday, February 21st.

Antisocial Personality Disorder: According to the DSM-5, there are four diagnostic criterion, of which Criterion A has seven sub-features.

A. Disregard for and violation of others rights since age 15, as indicated by one of the seven sub features:
1. Failure to obey laws and norms by engaging in behavior which results in criminal arrest, or would warrant criminal arrest
2. Lying, deception, and manipulation, for profit or self-amusement,
3. Impulsive behavior
4. Irritability and aggression, manifested as frequently assaults others, or engages in fighting
5. Blatantly disregards safety of self and others,
6. A pattern of irresponsibility and
7. Lack of remorse for actions

The other diagnostic Criterion are:
B. The person is at least age 18,
C. Conduct disorder was present by history before age 15
D. and the antisocial behavior does not occur in the context of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

(American Psychiatric Association, 2013)

Watch the following Interview with Richard Kuklinski and answer the questions:

The Iceman Tapes – Inside The Mind Of A Mafia Hitman (Links to an external site.)

  • What are some symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder (based on DSM 5 criterion A) that Richard Kuklinski endorses during the interview? Choose and describe
  • 3 examples from his interview as they relate to specific criteria from criterion A.

2. What does the doctor (interviewer) tell The IceMan is a main reason that separates those with this “fearlessness” and risk-taking behaviors from engaging in prosocial behaviors (e.g., fighter pilots) vs. those who engage in antisocial behaviors (such as the IceMan)?

3. What other personality disorder does the doctor tell the Iceman that he has?

4. What are your personal thoughts on Richard Kuklinski? Are the stories he shares believable? (no wrong answer here).

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