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The textbook periodically lists links to video interviews of sociologists that the author of the text Dalton Conley, conducts. Watch any 2 of these interviews of sociologists and for EACH INTERVIEW, write
2 paragraphs in response to the interviews—one paragraph summarizing the points of the
interview and one paragraph reflecting on the ideas of the interview. (4 paragraphs total).

Listed below are just a few of the interviews with Sociologists available for this extra credit assignment (you can click on the links below to get to the interviews):

Interview with CJ Pascoe (Gender/Socialization)

Interview with Victor Rios (Deviance)

Interview with Devah Pager (Deviance)

Interview with Stephen Morgan (Education)

Interview with Michael Hout (Education/Social Class)

Interview with Robb Willer (The State/Government)

Interview with Ashley Mears (Gender)

Interview with Paula England (Gender)

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