wbma 6000 Discussion: Shared Practice: Will Your Passion Find Purpose?

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I need a few paragraphs written in APA style. I have the text as a PDF but is too large to upload here. I can copy and paste the text if needed or email the pdf. I would need this done within 6 hours.

Post, by Day 3, a cohesive response that addresses the following:

  • A summary of the account, or accounts, from the course text, Passion and Purpose: Stories From the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders, that resonated with you and an explanation of why those passages were meaningful to you.
  • Your analysis of how the individuals in the accounts you selected practiced leadership in business settings and what you have learned from reading that account. (Hint: For an exemplary response, explain how the account(s) you selected support, expand on, or contradict concepts we have explored in the course to date.)
  • Explain how what you have learned from these readings will impact how you affect positive social change in a leadership role by including a summary of how you envision using your own passion to live your purpose. (Hint: What do you think you want to accomplish based on your passion and what you learn in your degree program at Walden)
  • Compare the values, ethics, and goals of the leaders in the accounts you selected to your own.

Here is an example directly from the course

The article that resonates most with me is the interview with Deb Henretta, Group President from the Proctor & Gamble (P&G) company in Asia. This article thoroughly describes Proctor & Gamble focusing on how their leaders establish and adapt diversity in their company. Not only that, but how their leadership style is much like the transformational leadership theory being that the leaders adapt to the different types of behaviors in their organization so they can build commitment and loyalty by inspiring and motivating the different cultures in their workplaces (Jen-Chia, Chia-Ying, Pai-Yen, & Wei-Cheng, 2017).

Throughout the years P&G continues to focus on and include the various forms of diversity in their organization. Especially, now that they serve so many diverse cultures worldwide, P&G not only focuses on the diverse representation of their customers, they now focus on including the diverse culture in the workplace. By focusing on the diverse cultures, P&G empowers its employees to perform at their peak because every employees’ innovative thinking is accepted and is included in the thought processes when questions arise, and their input is valued by the leaders in the organization (Coleman, Gulati, & Segovia, 2012f).

The part of the article to take into consideration to learn from and that stands out the most is P&G supports diversity and continues to focus on improving new forms of diversity throughout the organization and companies worldwide. For example, one leadership style is inefficient for P&G, instead, to continue to practice diversity within the organization and in their representation of diverse customers, they are constantly adapting their leadership styles to benefit the various cultures worldwide. Furthermore, the leaders of the organization not only adapting to the different leadership styles and employees’ behaviors but by utilizing the diverse strengths in the workplace, P&G will continue to inspire and motivate their employees (Coleman, Gulati, & Segovia, 2012f).


Coleman, J., Gulati, D., & Segovia, W . O. (2012f). Interview with Deb Henretta: Group president, P&G Asia. In J. Coleman, D. Gulati, & W . O. Segovia, Passion and purpose: Stories from the best and brightest young business leaders (pp. 134–138). Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Jen-Chia, C., Chia-Ying, L., Pai-Yen, W., & Wei-Cheng, H. (2017). How do employees inspire innovative work behavior? Transformational leadership and work motivation perspectives. (2017). 2017 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), 2017 IEEE International Conference On, 1797. Retrieved from Walden Library databases.


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