Week 10 discussion board

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Week 10 Discussion “The Cost of Economic Growth”COLLAPSEOverall Rating:

In Chapter 8, “The Environment: Pollution” Hite (2021), discusses the existing tension between development and the environment. Development brings economic growth as well as social and environmental changes. To a developing country, economic growth may be of a higher priority than the long-term health consequences for its citizens and environment. On the other hand, poverty also can harm the environment, for example, as farming land contributes to deforestation.


TASK A) MAIN DISCUSSION POST: DISCUSS AND CITE: Be sure to use examples regarding existing companies from the assigned chapter readings to support your response.

1) A) Discuss (in detail) from your selected developing country (Week 6 or Week 10 paper) how wealthy nations use the labor of developing nations (for profit). B) Discuss in detail how exploiting natural resources and human labor produce more climate change problems? C)  Which groups are ultimately responsible for the exploitation of natural resources and human labor of some developing countries?  Explain.

TASK B) Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least one, offering substantive comment, examples and, if necessary, citations.


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