Week 2 Activity B-1: Research Assignment Paper Instructions and Model Papers Research Assignment Paper on Celebrity Accidental Overdoses (Required activity—10 points) Use complete sentences and do n

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Week 2 Activity B-1: Research Assignment Paper Instructions and Model Papers

Research Assignment Paper on Celebrity Accidental Overdoses (Required activity—10 points)

Use complete sentences and do not answer in outline form. Paragraphs are nice, and you can include a lot of the desired information requested below in a few paragraphs:

Think of some celebrity who died of an accidental overdose of one or more drugs. Do not deal with a suicide case. Accidental death only. Your celebrity could be an actor, model, musician, athlete, author, and so forth. [See the list below of such individuals who died accidentally from overdoses.  If your celebrity is not on the list below, but died of an accidental overdose, please bring that to my attention in your paper so I can add that celebrity’s name to this list;  There are more names we need to add each semester, sadly. After you have done some research on your celebrity, address the questions below. Please use paragraphs. Don’t use bullets or an outline format. Write like you might read it in a book or an article.

  1. List the celebrity’s name and in the References section, be sure to cite the source(s) from where you obtained your information. Be sure to notify Jim at

    [email protected]

    if your celebrity is not on the list below, but died of an accidental overdose; I want to  then add that celebrity’s name to this list for future classes. Thanks!
  2. List the drugs reported to be causal to that person’s overdose and death.
  3. Describe any signs and symptoms of serious drug abuse.
  4. Describe any risk factors that could have contributed to drug use and abuse (such as family history of drug abuse, dysfunctional family, and so on).
  5. Were there any prior criminal charges brought against this individual before his/her death? If so, what were the charges or court recommendations for treatment?
  6. If applicable, what was your reaction to hearing of this person’s death? That is, how did you feel about it and what did you think?
  7. Do you think that knowledge of this person’s accidental death has had any long-term effects?
  8. Find at least one academic journal article (published since the year 2000 or newer) that is related to your celebrity’s death—in general. For example, you may find an journal article revealing that the death of a famous person appears to have no effect in curbing drug-using habits of youth; or a journal article on the toxicity of different combinations of drugs. Be sure you provide enough information so that the reader of your Research Assignment Paper knows you read the whole article, and not merely a summary of it (an Abstract). Cite any strengths or weaknesses you found in the article too please.
  9. List reference information using APA style.

Review the Paper Grading Rubric  in your RESOURCES section. In addition, before you begin your research paper, read the following short handouts available down at the RESOURCES section of your MODULES page:  (1) Definition of an Academic Journal; (2)  APA Style;  (3)  Things to Remember about Your Research Paper; (4) How to Write a Better Research Paper; and (5) Plagiarism and the 6 Word Rule.  Then check out the model papers.  Finally, begin collecting information about your paper and making an outline/writing.

Turning in your Research Assignment Paper requires that you submit it in two places:

  1. First, submit your paper to be graded (you will see the submission page, by clicking “Next” at the bottom of this page.
  2. Second, post your completed paper in the Week 2, “Celebrity Accidental Overdose” forum (discussion board).  You will see the Discussion Board on the page after your file submission page.  Here, other students may read your paper and, if they wish, make a positive/productive comment about it; no criticisms, only give compliments and/or identify an interesting aspect of the paper you enjoyed. Any comments made here are not part of the “Group Participation” activity. Comments here do not generate points and are strictly optional

You May select from the list below for celebrities for your Research Assignment Paper.  Or, as accidental overdoses seem to occur frequently, you may select someone not on this list who fits the criteria.

Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Models, TV Personalities, DJs, Film Producers:

ANDERSON: Bridgette Anderson was a child actress who starred in many films Savannah     Smiles (1982), 1997 BELUSHI: John Belushi, comedian and actor, 1982 BRIDGES: Elisa Rebeca Bridges, model and actress, Playboy Playmate in the 1990’s, 2002 BRUCE: Lenny Bruce (born Leonard Alfred Schneider), comedian, 1966 CANTOR: Michael “Max” Cantor, actor and a journalist, appearing in the movie “Dirty Dancing” (1987), 1991 DOUGLAS: Eric Douglas, actor and comedian, son of actor Kirk Douglas, 2004 FARLEY: Chris Farley, comedian and actor, 1997 GARANGI: Gia Carangi, supermodel, 1986. GOLDSTEIN:  Adam Godstein, know as DJ AM, a celebrity DJ, 2009.GODDARD: Trevor Goddard, actor, 2003 HARVEY: Domino Harvey was the daughter of a socialite, model turned bounty hunter in Los Angeles, 2005 HEDBERG: Mitch Hedberg was an up and coming comedian, 2005 HEMINGWAY: Margaux Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway’s grand-daughter & sister of Marial; 1996HOFFMAN:  Philip Seymour Hoffman was a prominent actor, 2014.JONES: Mary Anissa Jones played Buffy on the sitcom Family Affair from 1966 to 1971, 1976LEDGER: Heath actor who starred in “Brokeback Mountain” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008), 2008 MARSHALL: Vickie Lynn better known as ANNA NICOLE SMITH, actress and model, 1993 Playmate of the Year, married billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 2007 MONROE: Marilyn Monroe, aka Norma Jeane Mortenson, actress and model, 1962MONTEITH:  Cory Monteith, star of television series Glee, 2013MURPHEY:  Brittany Murphy, actress and singer, 2009.O’GRADY: Lani O’Grady, actress who played Dick Van Patten’s daughter on Eight is Enough, 2001 PASTORELLI: Robert Pastorelli, was an actor TV show Murphy Brown, 2004 PENN: Chris Penn, actor and brother of Oscar winner actor Sean Penn, 2006 PETTIET: Christopher Pettiet, actor in the movie Young Riders, 2000 PLATO: Dana Plato, child star in Different Strokes, 1999 QUINN: Glenn Quinn was an actor who played in TV shows Roseanne and Angel, 2002 PHOENIX: River Phoenix, actor, 1993 RENFRO: Brad was an actor who starred in the movie “The Client” (1994), 2008 SCOTT: Debralee Scott, actress in the sitcom Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and some movies, 2005 SEDGWICK: Edith Sedgwick, model and actress, star of films made by Andy Warhol in the 1960’s, 1971 SIMPSON: Don Simpson, film producer, i.e., Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, and Flashdance, 1996 SMITH:  Anna Nichole Smith, Play Boy model, etc.  2007.TATA: Michael Tata, VP for Operations at hotel where reality TV show American Casino was filmed, 2004 YATES: Paula Yates, British television host, 2000

Musicians, Vocalists, Rappers, Song Writers

ALLEN: GG Allin was a punk rock singer and band leader, 1993 BLOOMFIELD: Michael Bloomfield was a musician, 1981 BOLIN: Thomas Richard Bolin (Tommy Bolin) of Deep Purple, 1976 BONHAM: John Bonham was drummer in the band Led Zeppelin, 1980 BUCKLEY: Tim Buckley early 1960’s folk singer/songwriter, 1975. BUTLER:  Chad Lamont Butler, also known as “Pimp C”, co-founder of the Underground Kings, 2007.BUTTERFIELD: Paul Butterfield, blues harmonica player, 1987. CLARK: Steve Clark, lead guitarist of the rock band Def Leppard, 1991 DANDRIDGE: Dorothy Dandridge- Singer/Actress, 1965 ELIS: Elis Regina, singer, 1982 ENTWISTLE: John Alec Entwistle , bassist for the rock band The Who, 2002. EPSTEIN: Brian Epstein , Beatles manager, 1967 FOLEY: Steve, Replacement’s replacement drummer, 2008 GARLAND: Judy Garland, singer and actress in The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), 1968 GARCIA: Jerry Garcia was considered the backbone of the Grateful Dead, 1995GEORGE: Lowell George, guitar player for the band Little Feat, 1979 GIBB: Andy Gibb, singing group the Bee Gees, 1998 GODDARD: Trevor Goddard, Actor/ light heavyweight boxer, 2003 GOETTEL: Dwayne Goettel, a musician with the rock band Skinny Puppy, 1995 HARDIN: Tim Hardin was a singer/songwriter during the 60’s and 70’s, 1980 HATFIELD: Bobby Hatfield, in 1962 he joined with Bill Medley formed the Righteous Brothers, 2003 HENDRIX: Jimi Hendrix, guitar player cum laude, 1970 HOON: Shannon Hoon was the lead singer of the 90s group, Blind Melon, 1995 HOLIDAY: Billie Holiday, aka Eleanora Fagan Gough, jazz singer, 1959HOUSTON:  Whitney Elizabeth Houston was as singer who won six Grammy Awards during her career, 2012.JACKSON:  Michael Jackson, super pop singer.  Maybe accidental homicide, but surely accidental, 2009. JAMES: Rick James, singer, 2004 JONES: Russell Tyrone Jones, a.k.a. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, member of Wu-Tang Clan and Busta Rhymes, 2004 JOPLIN: Janis Joplin, rock, soul and blues singer, 1970 LYMON: Frankie Lymon, singer, 1968 McKENSIE: Billy McKenzie was the lead singer of the band The Associates, 1997 MELVOIN: Jonathan Melvoin was member of the Smashing Pumpkins, 1996 MILLER: Mac Miller (Malcolm James McCormick), rapper, singer, songwriter, 2018

MOON: Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, 1978 MORRISON: Jim Morrison, poet and lead singer of the Doors, a 60’s rock group, 1971 MYDLAND: Brent Mydland, keyboardist for the Grateful Dead, 1990. NOWELL: Bradley Nowell from the hit band Sublime, lead singer & song writer, 1996 PARSONS: Gram Parsons, 1973 PFAFF: Kristen Pfaff, musician from the band Hole, 1994. PILATUS: Rob Pilatus of the singing duo Milli Vanilli, 1998 PLATO: Dana Plato, child actor on the TV show, Different Strokes, PANNOZZO: John Panozzo, member of the band Styx, 1996 PRESLEY: Elvis Aron Presley, singer, 1977 PRESTON: Billy Preston was a piano player; noted for playing piano some Beatles tracks, 2006 PRINCE:  Prince Rogers Nelson, singer, songwriter, musician, 2016

RAMONE: Dee Dee Ramone (Douglas Glenn Colvin), bass player for Ramones, 2002 RUFFIN: David Ruffin, a member of the infamous singing group, the Temptations, 1991 RUDETSKI: Michael Rudetski was the keyboard player for the band Culture Club, 1986 SARGENT: Stefanie Sargent, guitarist for the Seattle grunge band 7 Year Bitch, SAUNDERS: John Saunders of Pearl Jam, 1999 SCOTT: Ronald Belford Scott of the band AC/DC, 1980 SCREW: DJ Screw, aka Robert Earl Davis Jr., rap singer, 2000 SHATTER: Will Shatter, aka Russell Wilkinson, played bass band named Flipper, 1987 SHAVER: John “Eddy” Shaver, guitarist, 2000 SHEEHAN: Bobby Sheehan, the bassist for the band Blues Traveler, 1999 SLOVAK: Hillel Slovak, guitarist for the Red Hot Chile Peppers, 1988 STALEY: Layne Stanley, singer, Alice in Chains, 2002STARR: Michael Christopher Starr was the bass guitar player for many bands in the 1980s- early 1990s, notably Alice in Chains, 2011.lTHUNDERS: Johhny Thunders, guitarist for the band The Heartbreakers, 1991 VICIOUS: Sid Vicious, aka John Simon Ritchie, of the band the Sex Pistols, 1978 WASHINGTON: Dinah Washington, Grammy Award singer of jazz, R&B, soul, blues, and gospel, 1963,

WHITLEY: Keith Whitley was the lead singer of J.D. Crowe’s band The New South, 1989 WILLIAMS: Hank Williams, country-western singer, 1953 WILSON: Dennis Wilson, musician and songwriter with the Beach Boys, 1993WINEHOUSE:  Amy Winehouse, English singer and songwriter, 2011WOOD: Andrew Wood, member of the band Mother Love Bone, 1990

WRLD: Juice Wrld (Jarad Anthony Higgins), singer, songwriter, rapper, 2019

Sports and Sports Related

ANTLEY: Chris Antley was a leading jockey, primarily racing in New Jersey, 2000 BIAS: Lenard K. Bias, basketball, the University of Maryland; drafted by the Boston Celtics, 1986 BINION: Ted Binion was a poker player who started the World Series of Poker in 1970, 1998 CAMINITI: Ken Caminiti, 1996 National League Baseball MVP, 2004 DEMAYO: Paul Demayo; also known, as Quadzilla was a bodybuilder, 2005 DUNCUM: Bobby Duncum Jr., a professional wrestler, 2000 DURANTE: Anthony Durante was a professional wrestler and was a member of the tag team “Pitbulls”, 2003 GILLIAM: Joe Gilliam, quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers in the mid 1970’s. 2000 GODDARD: Trevor Goddard, light heavyweight boxer and played Mic Brumby in the TV show JAG. 2003 GUERRERO: Eddie Guerrero, professional wrestler, 2005 HENNIG: Curt Hennig was a professional wrestler known as “Mr. Perfect”, 2003. HULETTE: Elizabeth Hulette, better known as Miss Elizabeth, professional wrestler, 2003 KORDIC: John Kordic was a professional hockey player who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. LISTON: Charles “Sonny” Liston, heavyweight boxing champion, 1970. MATUSZAK: John Matuszak was a professional football player in the NFL, 1989 PANTANI: Marco Pantani was an Italian cyclist who won the Tour de France in 1998, 2004 SHOW: Eric Show pitched for the San Diego Padres and the Oakland Athletics, 1994 SMITH: Davey Boy Smith was a professional wrestler TUINEI: Mark Tuinei, pro football player for Dallas Cowboys, 1999UNGAR: Stu Ungar was a champion poker and gin rummy player, 1998 Writers, Poets, and Artists

BANGS: Lester Bangs a music journalist, author, and musician, 1982 BASQUIAT: Jean-Michel Basquiat, known for his Neo-expressionist art style, 1988 GREALY: Lucinda Margaret Grealy wrote Autobiography of the Face (1994). POE: Edgar Allan Poe, poet, 1849.TYNDALL:  John Tyndall was an Irish scientist active during the Victorian era, 1893.Rich and Famous

ONASSIS: Christina Onassis was born into one of the wealthiest families in the world, 1988. DeMASSY: Baroness Michelle Lutken de Massy, 1999

Week 2 Activity B-1: Research Assignment Paper Instructions and Model Papers Research Assignment Paper on Celebrity Accidental Overdoses (Required activity—10 points) Use complete sentences and do n
Accidental Overdose of Amy Winehouse Cara Beann University of Texas at Permian Basin Accidental Overdose of Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was a soulful blues singer who emoted anger and despair into her songs. Sadly, her music was reflective of her life. She established a reputation early in her career as being unreliable due to drug use or intoxication (Biography.com, 2017). Winehouse would show up late, stumble around the stage, slur her music, or forget parts of the song. She overdosed and recovered in 2007 after taking a potentially lethal combination of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, and alcohol (Biography.com, 2017). Photos surfaced of her illicit activities and Winehouse confessed her drug use to the media. As a result, Winehouse was admitted to a rehabilitation facility (Biography.com, 2017). She even went on to write a song about her disinclination to attend a rehabilitation facility. Although Amy Winhouse’s family was not reported to have a history of drug abuse or mental issues, Winehouse was subjected to risk factors that may have led to her abuse and eventual demise. For example, she was thrust into the limelight of the music industry which has a prolific drug use culture, at the early age of 16 years. She was hounded by the media. She began dating Blake Fielder-Civil, who was already into illicit drugs and the two of them began doing drugs together (Biography.com, 2017). The pair was arrested and spent the night jail in October of 2007 for marijuana possession (Biography.com, 2017). In an article provided by a reporter who spent time with Winehouse in her home, Winehouse lived in the waste of her previous parties with paraphernalia, empty bottles, and cigarette butts scattered everywhere (Hoffman, 2008). According to Bezane (2016), Winehouse suffered from Bipolar disorder and her consistent drug use made her prescription medication ineffective. Her extreme natural and drug- induced highs and lows plagued her and eventually led to her death from alcohol poisoning in 2011. When I heard about her death, I was not surprised. It was just a sad reminder of how substance abuse can trigger a negative spiral of events. She joins the ranks of people with extreme talent gone before their time. As long as the culture of drugs permeates that industry, overdosing will sadly remain Swann et al. (2004) reported that there is a correlation between bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Swann et al. provided information suggesting why someone suffering from bipolar disorder is more likely to abuse substances due to the impulsivity associated with bipolar disorder. Their male and female adult participants consisted of four groups: bipolar; bipolar substance abusers; non-bipolar; and non-bipolar substance abusers. They used a 30-item questionnaire to measure impulsivity called the BIS-11. They found no gender differences in their analyses. Those who were bipolar drug users scored higher in impulsivity compared to bipolar non drug users. However, the highest impulsivity was from drug abusers regardless of any additional diagnosis. Swann et al. concluded that the extent to which impulsivity is expressed may precede bipolar disorder symptoms as well as substance abuse. Thus, since impulsivity was shown to be a factor in both substance abusers and people with bipolar disorder, therapy may direct focus into programs that strengthen impulse control. Perhaps by providing people with the power to control their impulses, it will provide more self- efficacy and give them what they need to avoid or quit drugs. References Biography.com. (2017). Amy Winehouse. https://www.biography.com/people/amy-winehouse-244469 Bezane, C. (2016). Bipolar geniuses: Amy Winehouse. http://www.conorbezane.com/thebipolaraddict/bipolar-geniuses-amy-winehouse/ Hoffman, C. (2008). My bizarre night in the disturbing world of Amy Winehouse. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1039732/My-bizarre-night- disturbing-world-Amy-Winehouse.html Swann, A.C., Dougherty, D.M., Pazzaglia, P.J., Pham, M., & Moeller F.G. (2004). Impulsivity: A link between bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Bipolar Disorders, 6, 204-212. https://doi:10.1111/j.1399-5618.2004. 00110.x


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