week 2 research

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 Select a psychological theory you are familiar with. Make sure to find a source for the theory that you can refer to and cite.With this theory in mind, explain:

  • the basic theory,
  • why this is a theory and not a hypothesis, law, or model,
  • the type of explanation the theory provides (mechanistic vs. functional) and why,
  • the classification of  the theory (quantitative or qualitative) and why,
  • at what level of description the theory operates (descriptive, analogical, or fundamental), and
  • the theory’s domain.

What is the relationship between theory and research?How can a researcher use theory to guide the design of their study and/or interpretation of results?Finally, explain if this theory is a good theory using the criteria in your textbook.Post your response no later than Wednesday.  Post questions and/or substantive comments to at least two peers no later than Sunday.Make sure to check back and respond to comments or questions from your professor (required and counts towards your initial post) and peers.
Complete the following readings from your textbook, Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach:

  • Chapter 2: Developing and Evaluating Theories of Behavior 

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