Week 5 Discussion- Christal Damon

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Respond to Cristal as if you’re having a conversation with her. Respond to Cristal who was
assigned a different article than me by further supporting her
critique or respectfully offering a differing perspective. $5 post one question and a few sentences

Good Evening Class!

hope everyone is hanging in there in Week Five! This week the article
on IPV was very informative. IPV can take a numerous of different forms,
such as; verbal, physical, sexual Intimate
partner violence better known as IPV is a deadly, but avoidable public
health problem which troubles millions of Americans citizens. The term
“intimate partner violence” explains in detail the physical, sexual, or
psychological harm by a partner, previous partner, or your husband/wife.
The many types of violence which takes place in same sex or
heterosexual couples do not need to have sex involved. According to the World Health Organization, intimate partner violence can be described as “any
behavior within an intimate relationship that causes physical,
psychological or sexual harm to those in the relationship, including
acts of physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse, and
controlling behaviors, economic, and emotional abuse. However,
there are more extreme measure of violence that can be found within an
intimate partner relationship. These extreme measures of violence
include coercive control coercive violence, and intimate terrorism.
Honestly the research question was very detailed and referred to present
day dating. The research questions include key words which are vital
when doing this research and when exploring a very delicate topic like
this one. The research question does align with the study as the
variable as included dating topics in regards to teen dating in the
hypothesis. Yes the question does align with the quantitative method
because it identified the problem, gave different examples of studies or
opinions additionally, it took samples from a larger population. The
central question did not relate to the qualitative approach much,
however, because the research included both numerical and non-numerical
data and other concepts, metaphors, characteristics, definition, and
concepts. With that we can notate that there is a possibility that both
the qualitative and quantitative methods are being used in this study of
intimate partner violence. Seeing that that topic is quite complex and
it requires explanatory terms and includes theories and opinions from
mutltiple sources we well notice that both research methods are being
used at different intervals.


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