week 6 disussion 2 question

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  1. Conduct a needs assessment.
  2. Evaluate the different design processes for
  3. Evaluate types of instructional strategies and
    modalities for delivery.
  4. Create a technology-based project that addresses a
    learning need. 

You demonstrated your mastery through the weekly discussions and assignments.
Now, you have an opportunity to share with the instructor and your class peers
about how that learning is influencing you in your current workplace and/or
preparing you for the future workplace you desire and to discuss things you
would still like to explore about the course topics. 

  • First, in your initial post, reflect in a paragraph or
    two about your learning from this course as it relates to the four course
    learning outcomes stated above, which are also on our Syllabus. In your
    post, state how the course learning is assisting you in your current
    workplace using specific examples and/or explains how the course has
    prepared you for success in your desired workplace.  
  • Second, reflecting on all you have learned these past
    six weeks, create a detailed list of three-to-five things you would still
    like to learn about from this course. Ensure each list item include a
    description to assist your peers and instructor in offering you guidance
    on how to achieve further development in the areas you are still
    interested in learning more about related to instructional design and


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