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Anti-Terrorist Actions and Civil Liberties

The battle against terrorism and organized crime has led some to advocate stricter police actions. One visible change that followed 9/11 was the enhanced airport security procedures, such as removing shoes for inspection. Determining the extent to which police and government should go in order to gather intelligence or conduct an investigation is a matter of ongoing debate.

Discuss what law enforcement should be doing to protect U.S. citizens from future attacks. How can law enforcement agencies identify terrorists living on U.S. soil? What methods should be used to monitor terrorist activities?

Should foreign suspects be brought to trial in the same manner as U.S. citizens? Should citizenship bestow more rights upon a suspect than a non-citizen would receive?

Is it permissible or desirable for the police to utilize drones as surveillance tools?

Support your responses using appropriate examples and references from the textbook, websites, other references, or personal experience.


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