What is binge drinking? What harmful effects are associated with binge drinking?, English Composition

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Read the illustration essay titled, “Binge Drinking, A
Campus Killer,” by Sabrina Rubin Erdely.( Attached file). After reading
this essay, and locate a full text document about binge drinking( another
attached file). Find one short (one or two sentences) direct quote from the
article that you would like to use in a full paragraph response to any of the
following questions. Be sure to use signal phrases and the APA formatting
techniques illustrated in the video lesson when incorporating your direct quote
into your paragraph. APA formatting for in-text citations is also discussed on
pp. 433-434.( attached file)   Here are some questions to help you draft
your paragraph:

What is binge drinking? What
harmful effects are associated with binge drinking? Is binge drinking a problem?
How big of a problem is binge drinking? What types of people binge drink? Why
do people binge drink? Is binge drinking just a short phase in life for most
and so should not warrant critical attention?

Make sure to use good writing form. This includes writing a
topic sentence, supporting details, the direct quote, which needs to be
formatting according to APA standards, and a conclusion sentence. Please
remember that APA standards require all assignments to be double-spaced. Please
do not manually double-space your work.


A variety of factors seem to affect the rate of binge drinking
and the problems associated with it on various campuses across the United
States. One seemingly strong factor affecting the rate of binge drinkers found
on college campuses, however, is a student’s living arrangement. Harvard study
researchers, Henry Wechsler and Toben Nelson (2008) reported, “Students living
off campus away from their parents and students living in fraternity or
sorority houses had the highest rates of binge drinking” (p. 5). Due to such
high levels of excessive student drinking, it may become important to impose
higher standards of governance of student drinking in off-campus buildings,
sorority houses, and fraternity houses. For example, possibly after facing
three infractions, stricter rules involving the revocation of charters of
sorority or fraternity houses should be instituted. Another way to address this
problem also might be to require students to live on-campus for at least two
years while attending college. Yet another solution might involve financial
incentives. For example, universities might find a way to provide monetary
incentives for those students who elect to live on-campus for longer. Exploring
viable ways of protecting students from the harsh effects of binge drinking can
only work to enhance students’ lives and the academic institutions themselves.


Wechsler, H., & Nelson, T. F. (2008). What We Have Learned
From the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study: Focusing
Attention on College Student Alcohol Consumption and the Environmental
Conditions That Promote It. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 69(4),


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