What is On the Bleeding Edge?, assignment help

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What is On the Bleeding Edge?

Think about the way social media impacts your life as far as product marketing – online coupons, Groupons, email ads etc. What is on the bleeding edge of technology and how can your product use this idea to increase sales? (The ‘bleeding edge’ is the latest and greatest technology).

  • Give a brief description of your product or service idea that you are developing for this course so your peers know what it is.
  • Then elaborate on how ‘bleeding edge’ technology can be used to your advantage to sell your product. Mention at least two ways that you can use social media in advertising or selling your product.
  • As you read and reply to your peer, reflect on their ideas.
  • Reply with statements of support and/or questions, then give your opinion of the impact of their social media idea on you as a potential customer.
  • Would either of their ideas impact your purchasing decision?


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