What is unusual about the distribution of this variable, management homework help

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Using the Explore Window to Study Variable Distribution Use the Explore window to study the distribution of the variable Median Income Region (DemMedIncome).

Answer the following questions:

a. What is unusual about the distribution of this variable?

b. What could cause this anomaly to occur?

c. What do you think should be done to rectify the situation?

Define the data set AAEM.ORGANICS as a data source for the project.

1) Set the model roles for the analysis variables as shown above.

2) Examine the distribution of the target variable. What is the proportion of individuals who purchased organic products?

3) The variable DemClusterGroup contains collapsed levels of the variable DemCluster. Presume that, based on previous experience, you believe that DemClusterGroup is sufficient for this type of modeling effort. Set the model role for DemCluster to Rejected.

4) As noted above, only TargetBuy will be used for this analysis and should have a role of Target. Can TargetAmt be used as an input for a model used to predict TargetBuy? Why or why not?

5) Finish the Organics data source definition.


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