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For your literature review, you should survey scholarly materials-including research articles, books, and other sources (for example, dissertations and conference proceedings) relevant to your particular policy issue–and provide a description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work. The purpose of the literature review is to offer an overview of significant published literature related to your policy or program.

The first goal of your literature review is to clarify the problem that you are addressing and identify its component issues. Take into account the following while presenting your literature review:

  • What social problem is the policy addressing?
  • Why is this policy needed?
  • What is the policy intended to accomplish?
  • What specific societal changes does it seek to accomplish?
  • How does the policy relate to and seek to rectify discriminatory practices directed at gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation?
  • What are the roles of researchers in the policy-making, implementation, and evaluation processes?

Organize your review in a logical manner. You might choose to order the sequence of the works reviewed according to date (from the oldest to the most recent), by generality (from most general to most specific), or by category (such as whether they are pro or con). Avoid repeating points by demonstrating how each work either supports or opposes previous works cited. Show what each distinctively adds to an understanding of the policy and its implications.

In the course of your review, it is useful to evaluate the adequacy of the method used in the study and the quality of the evidence offered. How good are the data and the interpretations? How balanced and even-handed is the approach, or is the author supporting or opposing the policy? Do you detect a political bias in the discussion?

Indicate in the conclusion of your literature review which pieces offer the most relevant and convincing assessments and which make the best contribution to an understanding and development of the policy. Conclude your literature review by summarizing what was learned through this review. Indicate what remains to be investigated–that is, suggest what will be the focus of your own research activity in your project.

In addition to the above guidelines, your literature review should:

  • Analyze the criminal justice policy or program you selected, including an explanation of how it targets social change.
  • Identify how discriminatory practices related to gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation may exist in the implementation of the policy or program. Describe how those discriminatory practices are currently addressed by the criminal justice policy or program.
  • Identify the roles of researchers in the policy-making, implementation, and evaluation processes.
  • Include at least 10 scholarly sources (at least 5 of which are peer-reviewed research articles that may include articles you used in the annotated bibliography). Make sure to use scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed research articles from the Capella library, appropriate books, and credible Web sites. Please do not use questionable Web sites of supposed experts, bloggers, or open sources such as Wikipedia that accept any submissions.
  • Include at least one direct one-sentence quotation from each source following APA citation and reference formatting.
  • Include a reference section at the end of your literature review containing APA formatted references to all works cited in the review.

Your literature review should be about 2,000 words. Be sure that your assignment has complied with the instructions, utilizes proper APA formatting, and meets Capella University standards for graduate work.

Submit your Literature Review in the assignment area.


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