who can help me thanks guys the deadline is on 16 january 2015

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for p2 and p3 have to create a powerpoint and put all the words that you find listed in the instructions for each topic, all the slides must have an image and for each topic you have to put the contexts, contexts must also have images, for m1 instead do not have to do it on powerpoint but you must do it on word. 

you can not copy and paste from internet you have to use the information in the book, you have to use simple words and you have to do everything in your own words, not even a sentence of the book can be shown on powerpoint who will copy and pasted from internet will be reported by me on studypool i do not accept work plagiarized. 

instruction for p2, p3, m1 

basis of discrimination P2       Discriminatory practice P2 



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