Women’s health has been a controversial topic for years, Discussion Question Week 4 help

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Women’s health has been a controversial topic for years. Access to health for women and the cost of health for women are two issues that come up often. It’s been estimated that women of childbearing age pay about 68% more for healthcare than men. And it’s not only childbirth that drives up these costs. Contraception is an important aspect of healthcare for most women. However, not everyone agrees on the importance of contraception. For other perspectives on the issue of women and contraception, you can refer to the article “Proof Birth Control Access is a Very, Very Big Deal to Women.”


Sarah is a medical assistant in a community clinic in Orlando. She often provides services to young girls in need of birth control. However, not all of them are able to talk to their parents about contraception. Sarah’s clinic is the only office under Title X within a 40-mile radius. This means her clinic can provide contraception without parent consent. Recently, Sarah’s supervisor let her know that funding may be cut to the program. This might affect the clinic’s ability to provide low-cost birth control to the community. Sarah is especially concerned about the teen girls and uninsured women that depend on the clinic.


What is Sarah’s role as a healthcare worker when it comes to reproductive rights? Should she remain neutral or should she advocate for patient rights? Read the article linked to this discussion and explain how it impacts your view on gender and healthcare?


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