Write 1 page thesis on the topic written business communication (original posting #1).

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic written business communication (original posting #1). Written business communication: Original posting The case identifies my initial actions into unethical practice. Results of the unethical practice have promoted further unethical decision that I should support or stop. Using software that I developed in another firm, even though with some modification, breached my obligation to protect the former employer’s property and allowing my current employer to incorporate the technology in the entire organization is another breach of ethical standards. I am faced with the option of being ethical at the expense of my job or acting unethically to protect my job.

I should try to resolve the conflict with my current employer by asserting the involved legal and ethical issues in the case for abolition of the intention to implement the technology. I should insist on a win-lose strategy in which I should be the winner because my position is right, as opposed to that of my employer (Singh, 2009). If the attempt fails then I should inform my previous employer of the case and at the same time seek legal protection for my job. While I recognize breach of my former employer’s intellectual property rights by using the software in my current organization, allowing the organization to proceed with the implementation undermines justice to my former employer. Virtue ethics, on this basis, requires my firm stand against implementation of the software by my current employer. My position against use of the software also does not justify my dismissal and this means injustice should I lose my job for doing the right thing. The situation therefore justifies my right to seek legal intervention against my dismissal (Brooks and Dunn, 2009).


Brooks, L. and Dunn, P. (2009). Business &professional ethics for directors, executives & accountants. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Singh, B. (2009). Industrial relations and labor laws. New Delhi: Excel Books India.


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