Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the united nations fuction and impact in international politics.

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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the united nations fuction and impact in international politics. This international organization was formed to replace the previously existing organization called League of Nations. The term United Nations was instigated by British politician Winston Churchill and the 32nd President of United States Franklin Roosevelt. United Nation is by nature a liberal organization. As far as world politics is concerned the UN has many roles to play such as peace building, development aid, facility and availability of fresh water, labor issue, and help to the refugees. United Nations is involved in fighting for the elimination of the different stigmas such as poverty and diseases and the fight against the threat to the environment. It basically works for addressing the economic and social problems in the world, particularly in underdeveloped as well as developing countries because these problems are the major source of conflict which later leads to war.

The major function of United Nations as mentioned above is to establish and maintain peace and security and to shun the situation of war. If any conflict arises, it is also the major function of the United Nation to settle the conflict without violence. It is the purpose of the UN to encourage peace among all the nations [1] The UN’s first experience of peacemaking activity came in 1949 in the Middle East and in 1950 in Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan,

The second function of UN was the promotion of welfare of mankind and of course the international cooperation. In turn it helps the nations to improve their life style and attain prosperity and thus enhance the standard of the living of their citizens. United Nations gives an opportunity for the countries promote their opinions. The major intimidation for peace is the nuclear proliferation. United Nations has maintained the world peace by preventing Nuclear Non-proliferation.


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